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Historical documents related to the hall

Will cover

We have been lucky enough to have been provided some of the historical documents related to the hall. These paint a picture as to the original funding of the construction of the hall of and intended uses of the hall, namely “a Parochial Hall for the benefit of the parishioners of the said Parish


The hall was funded in large part from a generous bequest in the will of Madeline Dwyer.

I devise and bequeath all the real and personal property of every nature and kind whatsoever not hereby or by any codicil hereto specifically disposed of which dying I shall be seised possessed or entitled to or in any manner have disposing power over unto my Trustees Upon Trust to sell call in and convert the same into money (with power in their discretion to postpone such sale calling in and conversion) and to pay thereout and out of my ready money my funeral and testamentary expenses, death duties and debts and pay or provide for the legacies and annuities given by this my Will or any codicil thereto and shall pay and transfer the residue of the said moneys and all other (if any) my residuary estate to the Parish Priest for the time being of the Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi Dublin towards the cost of erecting a Parochial Hall for the benefit of the parishioners of the said Parish

Will of Madeline Dwyer
Will text

Leaflet on hall use

A leaflet from the parish priest Edward Gallen outlining the school and community use of the hall.

Calendar with hall schedule

A 1971 parish calendar illustrating the varied use of the hall

Calendar front
Calendar back

Leaflet on hall funding

Leaflet that illustrates how much of the hall was funded i.e. from parishioners

Leaflet from clergy