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New Dublin City Development Plan comes into effect

Dublin City Development Plan

The Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 came into effect on the 14th of December 2022. As a result of a lot of effort by the community there are two significant entries in the plan that will safeguard the future community use of the hall.

1. Specific objective

A specific objective has been placed in the plan that recognises the importance of the hall to the community. This can be found in “Chapter 5 – Quality Housing and Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Corpus Christi Parochial Hall, Drumcondra To protect and retain the Corpus Christi Parochial Hall as an important and necessary community amenity in Drumcondra.

2. Zoning change

The hall itself is now zoned “Z15 Community and Social Infrastructure” which is a change from its previous residential use zoning. This can be found in “Volume 3 – Zoning Maps – Development Plan Mapset B

Zoning Map