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January 2022 letter to Parish Priest

Letter hand delivered to Parish Priest’s house on 28th January 2022

Dear Monsignor O’Shea

Members of Corpus Christi Parish Council

CC: Archbishop Desmond Farrell

Dear Monsignor O’Shea/Parish Council Members

We write as a community group and parishioners who wish for Corpus Christi Parish hall to remain as an amenity for the community and Corpus Christi Girls National School. We have support from other community groups including:

Drumcondra Triangle Resident’s Association

Drumcondra Ladies Club

Corpus Christi parish hall is a key amenity for Corpus Christi school and the Drumcondra community with many local community groups using the space on a weekly basis until the start of the pandemic. The Parish hall is an integral part of the community constructed over  50 years ago with community funds with significant remedial works carried out in 2008. The loss of the parish hall amenity has been deeply felt by the wider community. In addition, the scout’s den is not a suitable long-term alternative for PE/Assembly activities for Corpus Christi school.

Monsignor O’Shea  mentioned at weekend masses on 18th Dec 21, the hall was closed due to fire safety concerns adding the hall was not for sale. However, no timeline was provided for remedial works or reopening the hall.

Our group is made up of people with diverse experience and all of whom are available to assist with addressing the reported deficiencies. The group are available to help with any fundraising that may be required for remedial works.

It is in this spirit that we are requesting a meeting with both Monsignor O’Shea and the Parish Council to discuss the issues identified in the reports, what plans you have for the parish hall and how our group might assist  in getting the hall  opened  again for community and school activities.

We would be obliged if any correspondence could be sent to our Group email:

Yours sincerely